We believe we are a part of the story of God.

Our world offers us many stories to provide meaning and context for reality–consumption, power, pleasure, happiness, and success. We believe there is one true story that gives meaning and purpose to reality, and that is the story of God. It gathers in all that is good about the other stories, and burns what is wrong with them away.

In the beginning God brought all things into existence by the power of his Word. As the creation took shape, he looked at it and saw that it was good. This forms the basis for the way we still view the created world today. The crown of his creation was humanity–made in his image to reflect him to the world and the world back to him. We were placed here to work with him for the flourishing of all things. A calling we still bear.

But humanity believed God was holding out on them and that there was greater life apart from him. Their rebellion led to the flooding of the world with sin, brokenness, distortion, evil, and death. The corrosive power of sin infiltrated every atom of creation–twisting everything away from it’s intended state of flourishing in perfect relationship with God. Look around our world, and in your own heart, and you will see the power it still wields.

God was not content to leave humanity and the rest of creation under the power of sin and death. He worked toward the healing and flourishing of all things relentlessly. He did this first by establishing the nation of Israel–a people meant to fulfill the original human mandate of bearing his image. They both succeeded and failed, but ultimately could not find freedom from sin.

So the Father sent the Son to take on flesh and live the life we were all meant to live. He then endured suffering and death at the hands of the people he had made on the cross. In this upside-down display of power he destroyed death by death–taking the sin and brokenness on himself. By his sacrifice Jesus both secured our forgiveness and broke the ultimate power of sin and death.

We now live “in between.” Jesus is King and his kingdom is coming all around in goodness, truth, and beauty. His reign is also not complete as there is still sin, brokenness, and death. One day he will return to renew the creation and rule in perfection, peace, and wholeness. This is the vision that drives us as we live with him to see glimpses of that kingdom now.

We are a part of the Mennonite Brethren denomination. For a more propositional take on our beliefs just follow the link.