What is Choose Your Own Adventure Sunday?

It’s a chance to practice imagining what it looks like for heaven to come to earth and taking action based on what we see. In the fall we’ll be going through this exercise once a quarter to move us into meaningful service to our neighborhoods and our world. This is a taste of something that will be an important part of our shared life with Jesus.

It starts on July 12 at 5:30.

We’ll gather at the Griffin’s home to dream together of what God wants to do with our time on Sunday the 16th and then make a plan to take action. Light appetizers will be served. Childcare will be available next door at the Lee’s home.

It continues on July 16 at a time and place TBD.

What we do, and where and when we do it will be determined during our time together on the 12th. So get both times on your calendar!