Part of the Church

During middle school kids are starting to become adults. School, the place the spend most of their time, is a place where they are surrounded by peers and very few adults. In fact, there are few places where they have meaningful engagement with adults. We want the church to be a place where they’re surrounded by adults who love them and love Jesus. For this reason we incorporate them into the life of the church whenever possible. At the same time, we know they need interaction with their peers and a space to ask questions and explore faith. That’s why we still have some middle school specific programs!

Middle School This Summer

Colossians Bible Study

This is a six-week study going on now. The students dive deep into Paul’s letter to the Colossians with a couple adult leaders.

Fun Events

There’s a monthly event just for fun. The next one is coming up on July 6. Check back for more info and the what, when, and where.