What to expect if you come on Sunday.

We’re a community of about 100 people. There will probably be 60 or 70 of us there on any given Sunday.

We’ll show you around. Come a little early, grab some coffee, and let us show you around and answer any questions.

Our gathering isn’t very formal. You probably won’t find people in suits (though you’re welcome to wear one!). Come however you want.

Our gathering is intentional. Our goal is always to proclaim the goodness, truth, and beauty of Jesus and his kingdom. We do this through music, reading, storytelling, communion, sermons, and even discussions or exercises. Whatever we do, we do it with purpose.

How to explore the Trailhead community.

Our weekly worship gathering is an important time for connecting with each other and God, but the church is a people, not a service. We are always moving toward being a more loving, vulnerable, generous, joyful community. Here are some ways you can check that out.

Participate in one of our Trailhead Renew events. Trailhead Renew is the arm of our church focused on joining the work God is doing in the world through cultivating imagination and taking action. We do a variety of events and quarterly gatherings where we dream and plan how we will serve our neighborhoods and world in the coming quarter. You can find out more about Trailhead Renew here.

Join a discipleship group. Discipleship groups are focused on helping you be who Jesus would be if he were you. We do this through friendship and formation–developing relationships with people who will walk with you toward being the person God has made you to be. Get more info and sign up for discipleship groups here.

Come to a worship gathering. This is an easy way to get a feel for who we are and what we’re about. There are a few Sundays each year when we don’t have a worship gathering, so check the homepage. We’ll have something big and bold there if this is one of those weeks! Here’s when and where we meet.

Let’s grab coffee. One of our pastors would be glad to grab coffee with you to hear your story and answer any questions you have about Trailhead. Just email admin@trailheadchurch.org.