Worship Gatherings are held at the Highlands Ranch Campus of Jubilee Fellowship Church (8200 Southpark Circle in Littleton) at 4:30.

Music and Prayer

The music we sing is focused on God–who he is, what he’s done, and the kind of people he’s calling us to be. The style varies from week to week. Sometimes we rock out and sometimes it’s low key. We also regularly incorporate times of prayer into our gatherings. Sometimes it’s led by a person up front and other times we just pause to give you a chance to talk to God in your own way. Our aim is that the music and prayer used in the gathering will help you to draw near to God.


We talk about the Bible in a way that relates to real life. Our teachers work hard to make sure they’re teaching what the Bible really says and applying it in a way that makes sense. We believe the way of life Jesus taught leads to the best possible life for our world, our city, our neighborhoods, and each person. That belief means it’s really important to keep studying the Bible to understand what it means to follow Jesus.


We remember the sacrifice Jesus made for us when he gave up his life on the cross by participating in communion each week. This is a physical symbol that reminds us the Jesus loved us enough to allow his body to be broken (the bread) and his blood to be shed (the wine/juice). Communion isn’t forced, no one’s going to keep track of whether you go up or not, but we don’t want to go a week without remembering that we’re together because of Jesus.


Most weeks we include one of a variety of things that could be loosely categorized as storytelling. This might be an interview focused on how faith relates to a person’s job, a story of something happening in one of our groups, or sharing how someone is experiencing God in their life. Often our goal with these stories is to spur each other on to be aware of how following Jesus matters for all of life.