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A few weeks ago we asked you to name the reality of your experience with Trailhead–the good, bad, and ugly–by pinning it to a board. That board revealed some important things. We’ll share these in a series of posts over the next week called “Pin Board Revelations.”

What’s the point of sharing these things? There are a couple reasons it’s important.

First, we need to understand the perspective of our whole church. Not everyone’s perspective is the same, but if we don’t name that it’s easy to think everyone sees things the same way you do. You may feel loved, but if others don’t, it’s important for you to know that. Hopefully these posts will expand our vision to see the whole picture.

The other reason to share these things is so we can do something about them. The culture of our church is not the result of a random set of circumstances, it is the fruit that grows from the way each of us lives in community. The things that are healthy about us will continue to flourish because each of us chooses to continue living in the healthy habits we’ve formed. The things that are unhealthy will only change if each of us chooses to leave the comfort of our unhealthy patterns to forge a new way. We are not victims of uncontrollable forces, we are the actors who shape the reality of our church.

My hope is that each person who is a part of Trailhead will choose to persevere in the healthy habits of our church and be a part of needed change in the unhealthy ones. That’s a choice each of us has to make.

So this week, let’s make this a conversation! Respond to the posts you see. Talk about them together. And let’s move together toward the future God has for us.